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PAN1761-EMK / Toshiba Starter Kit with NFC antenna

The PAN1761 supports both Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) 4.1 and NFC – NFC Forum Type 3 compliant tag

The unique configuration of the PAN1761 allows NFC to wake up BLE from standby using an NFC field and automatically initiate a Bluetooth connection. Highly secure Bluetooth connections are created using NFC to exchange link keys. Bluetooth LE applications with extended battery life are possible as a result of zero power consumption in standby mode. A remote device may independently create a wake up signal with neither host control nor local battery consumption. Embedded microcontroller access and 32KB EEPROM is available for autonomous stand-alone operation.


- Same form factor and footprint as PAN1026 and PAN1760

- Integrated 2.4GHz Antenna, NFC Antenna external (Antenna Pin)

- Compliant with NFC Forum Tag Type 3 for easy pairing initialization and transfer of small amounts of data (ISO/IEC18092)

- Bluetooth 4.1 (LE) embedded GATT profile with high level API commands, compatible to Toshiba reference BLE profiles

- Small 15.6 x 8.7 x 1.8 mm≥ SMD package

- Operation as host-less, stand alone with 32KB available for applications

- Standard SIG BLE and “SPP over BLE” profiles available

- Plug-in for Bluetooth Developer Studio available