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1 W wearable wireless power system based on STWBC-WA and STWLC04

The STEVAL-ISB038V1 is a wireless battery charger reference design evaluation kit designed for ultra-compact battery operated devices, such as wearable gear, smartwatches, Internet of Things sensors and healthcare devices.

The design is optimized for 1-watt wireless power transfer with a half-bridge topology on the transmitter side and with tiny 11 mm and 20 mm coils on the receiver and transmitter sides, respectively. For power transfers up to 3 watts, the design can be modified by using larger coils and a full-bridge configuration on the transmitter.

The STWBC-WA transmitter can support a cost-effective half-bridge topology (full-bridge optional) and a powerful software API lets you modify the behavior of LED and general purpose IOs as well as connecting external peripherals or devices like sensors to the design via the on-chip IC and UART ports.

The STWLC04 is designed for 1-watt power transfer based on the Qi protocol, with digital control and precise analog control loops ensuring stable operation. The IC interface allows a high degree of customization and settings can be stored in the embedded non-volatile memory.

  • Wearable KIT characteristics:
    • 11 mm coil on Receiver
    • 20 mm coil on Transmitter
    • 1 Watt delivered on Receiver side
    • USB 5 V input
    • Foreign Object Detection (FOD) optional
    • Graphical interface for monitoring behavior
    • Total reference design
    • RoHS compliant
  • STWBC-WA Wireless power transmitter:
    • Cost effective Half Bridge topology with integrated drivers
    • Optional Full Bridge configuration for 3 W applications
    • Active presence detector
    • 2-layer PCB to facilitate design
    • Turnkey solution or customizable via APIs
    • Parametric customization via Graphical interface
  • STWLC04 wireless power receiver:
    • Output voltage: 5 V regulated voltage
    • Integrated high efficiency synchronous rectifier
    • Li-Ion/Li-Pol charger functionality
    • 4-layer PCB to facilitate design