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Freedom Expansion Board for GD3000 - BLDC Motor Pre-Driver

The FRDM-GD3000EVB Freedom Expansion Board is an easy-to-use circuit board that allows the user to exercise all the functions of the GD3000 pre-driver to drive a brushless DC motor.

The inputs to the FRDM-GD3000EVB can be easily controlled using 3.3 V or 5.0 V GPIO signals.

The FRDM-GD3000EVB is designed to be used in conjunction with a FRDM-PWRSTG Freedom Expansion Boards. Each FRDM-PWRSTG board is geared toward a different type of application. Both a FRDM-PWRSTG board and a FRDM MCU board are required for full functionality of the FRDM-GD3000EVB.

Used in conjunction with the FRDM-KL25Z, SPI Generator (SPIGen) may be used to demonstrate certain limited functions of the device.

  • Compatible with NXP KV series Freedom Development Platforms
  • Compatible with any FRDM-PWRSTG Freedom Expansion Board
  • Enabling/disabling of outputs
  • Test points to allow probing of signals
  • Optional built-in voltage regulator to supply logic level circuitry
  • LEDs to indicate the voltage supply status