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LinkCharge™ LP Series

The Semtech TSWITX-5V-2RX-EVM is an evaluation platform for the test and experimentation of a wireless charging transmitter based on the Semtech TS80002 Wireless Power Transmitter Controller and TS61005 Dual N-Channel MOSFET Driver. This evaluation module, in conjunction with its compatible receiver, the TSWIRX-5V2-EVM, provides a complete system.






The TSWITX-5V-2RX-EVM is a multi-device wireless charging platform that can support two TSWIRX-5V2-EVM oncurrently with each RX output at a 100mA.




Low power multi-device charging wireless power transmitter

 High switching frequency at 1MHz for low thermal dissipation into metal objects

 5V input power supply

 Automotic timer with shut-off

 Foreign Object Detection (FOD)

 Pairs, with two LinkCharge LP receivers simulateneously


o Delivers 1 watt of total output power at the receivers

o Freedom of positioning X,Y and Z of the receivers