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Freedom Development Kit for Kinetis® KW41Z/31Z/21Z MCUs

The FRDM-KW41Z is a development kit enabled by the Kinetis® W series KW41Z/31Z/21Z (KW41Z) family built on ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor with integrated 2.4 GHz transceiver supporting Bluetooth® Smart/Bluetooth®Low Energy (BLE) v4.2, Generic FSK, IEEE® 802.15.4 and Thread

The FRDM-KW41Z kit contains two Freedom boards that can be used as a development board or a shield to connect to a host processor. The FRDM-KW41Z is form-factor compatible with the Arduino™ R3 pin layout for more expansion options.

The FRDM-KW41Z highly-sensitive, optimized 2.4 GHz radio features a PCB F-antenna which can be bypassed to test via SMA connection, multiple power supply options, push/capacitive touch buttons, switches, LEDs and integrated sensors.

  • Can be configured as Host or Shield for connection to Host Processor
  • Supports all DC-DC configurations (Buck, Boost, Bypass)
  • PCB inverted F-type antenna
  • SMA RF Connector
  • RF regulatory certified
  • Serial Flash for OTA firmware upgrades
  • On board NXP FXOS8700CQ digital sensor, 3D Accelerometer (±2g/±4g/±8g) + 3D Magnetometer
  • OpenSDA and JTAG debug
  • Full KSDK support