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SP1ML 868 MHz wireless sensor board powered by a coin cell battery

The STEVAL-IDI005V1 is an SP1ML-based wireless sensor board powered by a CR2032 coin-cell battery. It can communicate with the STEVAL-SP1ML868 using the PP AT command set. The board can be programmed through an external 5-pin SWD connector.

The board is designed to provide several sample, sub-GHz, Smart Home and Smart Things applications, such as heat allocator, smart remote control and wireless sensor node with 868 MHz sub-GHz connectivity.

  • Wireless sensor board powered by coin cell battery, CR2032
  • 868 MHz sub-GHz connectivity, based on the SP1ML-868 certified module
  • Sensors on board:
    • LIS2DH MEMS accelerometer
    • HTS221 humidity and temperature sensor
  • ESD protection
  • 2 LEDs and 2 buttons
  • SWD connector for debug and reprogramming
  • Sample firmware for PP communication with the STEVAL-SP1ML868 using AT commands, to display various sensor data (motion, humidity, temperature) and board status on serial utilities like HyperTerminal
  • RoHS compliant