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Tower Board - SB0800, Octal Valve/Pump Controller SoC

The TWR-SB0800-36EVB module is a development board illustrating the MC34SB0800 Octal Valve and Pump Controller System on Chip which consists of four low-side drivers regulated/PWM, a high side pre-driver safe switch to protect the valves against short circuit and a high side pre-driver to control a DC motor.


  • x4 Low side drivers current regulated or PWM (5A)
  • x4 PWM Low side drivers (5A)
  • x1 High side pre-driver Safe Switch
  • x1 High side pre-driver for DC Motor (500Hz)
  • x3 ADC input (10Bit)
  • x1 Low side drivers (general purpose)
  • x1 High side drivers (general purpose)
  • SPI communication (10MHz)
  • Watchdog
  • Small power Package LQFP64 pins