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Low voltage brush DC motor driver expansion board for STM32 Nucleo based on the STSPIN250

The X-NUCLEO-IHM13A1 expansion board for STM32 Nucleo is based on the STSPIN250 low voltage brush DC motor driver.

It provides an affordable and easy-to-use solution for the implementation of portable motor driving applications such as thermal printers, robotics and toys.

The X-NUCLEO-IHM13A1 is compatible with the Arduino UNO R3 connector and most STM32 Nucleo boards

  • Low voltage range from 1.8 V to 10 V
  • Current up to 2.6 A r.m.s.
  • Current control with adjustable off-time
  • Full overcurrent and short circuit protection
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Compatible with Arduino UNO R3 connector
  • Compatible with STM32 Nucleo boards
  • RoHS compliant