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1.82 V - 500 mA, 6 MHz synchronous step-down converter based on the ST1S15

The STEVAL-ISA131V1 is a product evaluation board designed around the ST1S15, a high efficiency miniaturized step-down converter capable to providing 500 mA of output current from an input voltage from 2.3 V to 5.5 V.

This converter works at a 6 MHz switching frequency and is specifically designed for applications where high efficiency and small application area are key factors.

  • 85% typical efficiency
  • 500 mA output current capability
  • 45 μA typical quiescent current
  • PFM or PWM operation for best efficiency over entire load range
  • Ultra-fast load and line transient
  • Short-circuit and thermal protection
  • Tiny external components
  • Auto or forced PWM selection with dedicated pin
  • ST1S15J18R in Flip-Chip 6-bumps package
  • RoHS compliant