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CLRC663 plus NFC Frontend Development Kit for Access Management Applications

OM26630FDKM is a flexible and easy to use frontend development kit for CLRC663 plus.

It contains a CLEV6630B board fully supported by the NFC Cockpit and the NFC Reader Library with a 65*65 mm2 antenna optimized for EMVCo applications and a 30*50mm2 antenna with matching components optimized for Access Management applications. It also includes 3 small antennas matching PCBs for implementation of custom antenna matching circuit, NFC sample cards based on NTAG216F (NFC Forum type 2 tag) and MIFARE DESFire EV2, and 10 CLRC663 plus samples in wettable flank HVQFN package.

  • Highest RF performance
  • Low power card detection
  • Compliance with all standards relevant to contactless NFC reader operation and EMVCo 2.6
  • Artificial damping of the RF field in the middle of the antenna simulating the presence of a PCB or display to demonstrate the expected performance
  • LPC1769 MCU on board, SPI interface accessible for connection of other MCU