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LPCXpresso54018 Development Board

The board is comprised of target LPC54018 device with an on-board, CMSIS-DAP / SEGGER J-Link compatible debug probe. 

The on-board probe is compatible with MCUXpresso IDE and other leading toolchains such as those from Keil and IAR. The board is also equipped with a standard 10-pin header enabling the use of 3rd party debug probes. In addition to standard LPCXpresso V3 features, this board includes a complete set of peripheral interfaces to enable developers to fully explore the capabilities of LPC540xx devices.

MCUXpresso configuration tools and extensive SDK drivers/examples are available for the board at mcuxpresso.nxp.com.

  • On-board, high-speed USB, Link2 debug probe with CMSIS-DAP and SEGGER J-Link protocol options
  • UART and SPI port bridging from LPC54018 target to USB via the on-board debug probe
  • Support for external debug probe
  • 3 x user LEDs, plus Reset, ISP (3) and user buttons
  • Multiple Expansion options, including Arduino UNO and PMod
  • Built-in power consumption measurement for target LPC54018 MCU
  • Winbond 128Mb W25Q128JVFIM Quad-SPI flash
  • Winbond 128Mb W9812G6JB-6I SDRAM
  • Knowles SPH0641LM4H digital microphone
  • Full size SD/MMC card slot
  • NXP MMA8652FCR1 accelerometer
  • Stereo audio codec with line in/out
  • High and full speed USB ports with micro A/B connector for host or device functionality
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet (RJ45 connector)