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Freedom Development Platform for Low-Voltage, 3-Phase PMSM Motor Control

The FRDM-MC-LVPMSM low-voltage, 3-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Freedom development board platform adds motor control capabilities, such as rotational or linear motion, to your design applications.

This evaluation board, in a shield form factor, when combined with NXPs Permanent Magnet Motor Control Reference Software, effectively turns a Freedom development board platform into a complete motor control reference design, compatible with existing Freedom development platforms, FRDM-KV31F, and FRDM-KV10Z.

Power Management
  • Power Supply Input voltage DC: 24-48 VDC
  • Output current up to 5 amps RMS
  • Power supply reverse polarity protection circuitry
  • 5.5 VDC auxiliary power supply providing FRDM MCU board supplying
  • 3-phase bridge inverter (6-MOSFETs)
  • 3-phase MOSFET gate driver with over current and under voltage protection
  • Analog sensing (DC bus voltage, DC bus current, 3-phase back-EMF voltage)
  • Motor speed/position sensors interface (Encoder, Hall)
  • Freedom motor control headers compatible with Arduino R3 pin layout