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EVSPIN32F0601S3 3-phase inverter based on STSPIN32F0601 with 3-shunt topology

The EVSPIN32F0601S3 board is a 3-phase complete inverter based on the STSPIN32F0601 controller, which embeds a 3‑phase 600 V gate driver and a Cortex‑M0 STM32 MCU. The power stage features STGD6M65DF2 IGBTs, but can be populated with any IGBT or Power MOSFET in DPAK or powerFLAT 8x8 HV package.

The board has a three-shunt sensing topology, and the field-oriented control (FOC), either sensored or sensorless, can be implemented. This makes it especially suited to drive permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs).

The evaluation board is compatible with a wide range input voltage from 50 V to 280 V DC/AC, and includes a power supply stage with the VIPER06XS in flyback configuration to generate +15 V and +3.3 V supply voltage required by the application.

Debug and configuration of FW can be performed with standard STM32 tools through the detachable STLINK‑debugger. SWD and UART TX‑RX connectors are also available.

  • Input voltage from 50 V to 280 V DC/AC
  • STGD6M65DF2 IGBTs power stage featuring:
    • V(BR)CES = 650 V
    • VCE(sat) = 1.55 V @ IC = 6 A
  • Overcurrent threshold set to 4.5 Apeak
  • Dual footprint for IGBT/MOSFET package:
    • DPAK
    • PowerFlat 8x8 HV
  • 3-shunt current sensing, suitable for: sensored or sensorless vector control - FOC algorithm with 3-shunt sensing
  • Smart shutdown overcurrent protection
  • Digital Hall sensors and encoder input
  • Bus voltage sensing
  • 15 V VCC and 3.3 V VDD supplies
  • Embedded ST-LINK/V2-1
  • Easy user interface with buttons and trimmer
  • RoHS compliant