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LED driver based on the LED6001 + 9-LED board with NTC sensor

The purpose of this product evaluation board is to provide an application example of a compact LED driver using the new LED6001 chip from STMicroelectronics.

The board is equipped with a single-channel, constant-current LED driver operating with both boost and SEPIC topologies.The brightness of the LED string connected to its output can be controlled through a PWM signal (0%-100% dimming) or a control voltage (10:1 analog dimming).Open LED, feedback disconnection, LED overcurrent and output-to-ground short-circuit (SEPIC only) faults are detected and managed.The board has been designed to provide a solution example for applications involving several LEDs arranged is a single string (e.g. off-grid street lighting, advertisement panels, signs, gaming, etc.).

  • Wide DC input voltage: 6 V-24 V
  • Single channel, 350 mA constant-current output with PWM brightness control
  • Up to 10 high-brightness white LEDs (40 V OVP threshold)
  • Selectable boost or SEPIC converter topology
  • Up to 92% efficiency (boost converter)
  • Onboard photo-transistor for ambient light switch function
  • LED temperature protection through analog dimming control