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ON Semiconductor
RSL10 SIP Development Board

With an Arduino-compliant form factor and on-board J-Link adaptor, the RSl10 SIP development board is used to effortlessly develop Bluetooth® low energy applications based on the RSL10 System-in-Package (SiP).

  • Integrated antenna (included as part of the RSL10 SIP)
  • Onboard 4-bit level translator to translate the LPDSP32 debug interface at low voltage to a 3.3 V JTAG debugger
  • Access to all RSL10 SIP peripherals via standard 0.1″headers
  • Alternate on-board SWJ−DP (serial-wire and/or JTAG) interface for Arm® Cortex®−M3 processor debugging
  • On-board J-link adaptor provides a SWJ−DP (serial-wire and/or JTAG) interface that enables you to debug the board using a USB connection to the PC
  • Compliance with the Arduino form factor