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Energy Harvesting Bluetooth® Low Energy Switch

The Energy Harvesting Bluetooth® Low Energy Switch is a complete reference design for energy harvesting applications including lighting, door and window control, and step counters.

Featuring the RSL10 SIP and high-efficiency harvester switch from ZF Electronic, the battery-less switch offers the industry's lowest power consumption and is entirely self-powered. Using the provided firmware and RSL10 Software Development Kit (SDK), the battery-less switch is easily customizable.


• Features RSL10 SIP
• 2 Mbps data rates (Bluetooth 5)
• 62.5 nW power consumption in Deep Sleep Mode; 7 mW in Peak Receiving
• Fully integrated antenna with no additional RF considerations
• Segger compatible programming interface
• Compatible with the IoT Development Kit and Bluetooth IoT Development Kit
• Easily connect to standard BLE scanner or mobile/lighting applications (IoS and Android)
• Simple Power Supply Schematic
• Full linear voltage regulation (no switching)
• No EMC during energy conversion, no perturbation of Bluetooth Low Energy Tx / Rx
• No need for scheduler
• Instant startup
• Provides 25 % reduced Bill of Materials
• No buck boost or coil