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A highly extensible platform for application development of QN9080SIP

The QN9080SIP-DK is a development kit enabled by QN9080SIP built on QN9080 Bluetooth MCU and NT3H2211 NTAG supporting Bluetooth 5, Generic FSK and NFC. The QN9080SIP also integrates 32 MHz & 32 kHz Crystals, RF matching, and 2.4 GHz antenna.

The QN9080SIP-DK kit contains a development board, a USB dongle, and an NFC antenna. The development board integrates buttons, switches, piezo buzzer, LEDs for easy-use, provides SWD/JTAG and USB interface for debugging and is form-factor compatible with the Arduino pin layout for more expansion options. The USB dongle is a Bluetooth device powered by QN9080. It acts as a master or slave when communicating with the QN9080SIP development board.

  • UART/I2C/SPI/USB connectivity support
  • CMSIS-DAP (default) and the J-Link interface for debugging
  • Arduino interface
  • USB dongle for interaction with DK board
  • PCB inverted NFC antenna
  • Full MCUXpresso support
  • Reuse all QN9080 tools