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Single Channel Step-Down, Synchronous DC/DC Power Supply

The ISL8210MEVAL1Z and ISL8212MEVAL1Z evaluation boards are designed for evaluating the ISL8210M and ISL8212M single channel, synchronous step-down DC/DC power supply modules that are capable of delivering up to 10A and 15A of continuous current.

The proprietary Renesas R4 Technology control scheme has extremely fast transient performance, accurately regulated frequency control, and all internal compensation. The ISL8210M and ISL8212M modules include four setting up pins (SETx) for module configuration and allow for easy R4 loop optimization that results in fast transient performance across a wide range of applications, including all ceramic output filters. The modules integrate the controller, all power components, and most passive components. They require only a few external components to operate, which significantly reduces design complexity and board space, and it optimizes for high power density applications without the need for airflow or a heatsink.

The ISL821xMEVAL1Z evaluation boards are 3in x 3in 6-layer FR4 boards with 2oz. copper on all layers. The boards operate from a single 4.5V to 15V wide input power rail and offer adjustable output voltages down to 0.5V and efficiencies of up to 95%. They come with placeholders for pin-strap resistors to set up output voltage, PFM/PWM mode, temperature compensation (TCOMP), switching frequency (fSW), AV gain, OCP retry/latch-off, ultrasonic PFM enable, soft-start ramp rate, RR impedance, and AV gain multiplier (1x or 2x).

By default, the ISL821xMEVAL1Z boards are set to a 1V output voltage with a 400kHz switching frequency, 49 AV gain, and 200kΩ RR.

  • Input voltage range: 4.5V to 15V, capable of delivering up to 10A (ISL8210M) and 15A (ISL8212M) of continuous current and up to 95% conversion efficiency
  • Adjustable output voltage: 0.5V to 5V with 1.5% load/line/temperature regulation with remote sense
  • Proprietary Renesas R4 Technology
  • Programmable VOUT, PFM/PWM mode, TCOMP, fSW, AV gain, OCP retry/latchoff, ultrasonic PFM enable, soft-start ramp rate, RR, and AV gain multiplier
  • Startup into precharged load
  • Dedicated enable pin and PGOOD indicator
  • Comprehensive fault protection for high system reliability: over-temperature protection, output overcurrent and short-circuit protection, output overvoltage and undervoltage protection, open remote sense protection, input UVLO and power sequence, and fault reset
  • Thermally enhanced 12mm x 11mm x 5.3mm HDA package