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MPX2001 Evaluation Kit All-in-one Flyback Controller with Integrated Primary and Secondary Controller

The EVKT-MPX2001-45-PD is an evaluation kit for the MPX2001, which includes an evaluation board designed for a 45W Type-C PD adapter.

The board is designed in a very small form factor with a very high power density. Its electrical specifications are suitable for the typical cell phone and computer power adapter. The particular benefits for the board are the very low no-load power consumption (<0.075W) and the very high overall efficiency, greatly exceeds DOE Level VI & CoC Tier2. With the Power Adapter Tester (PAT), the performance of the board can be easily evaluated

  • EVX2001-Y-02A MPX2001 elvaluation board
  • USB Power Adapter Tester (PAT) Including the PAT hardware and PAT ultility
  • Micro USB Cable and Type-C Cable Connect the PC and PAT with the evaluation board