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SE050 Arduino® Compatible Development Kit

The OM-SE050ARD is the flexible and easy-to-use development kit for the EdgeLock™ SE050 Plug & Trust product family.

The SE050 uses I2C as communication interface and its commands are wrapped using

the Smartcard T=1 over IC (T=1oI2C) protocol. In addition, the SE050 supports the

following interfaces:

I2C interface in slave mode with date rates up to 3.4 Mbps .

I2C interface in master mode with date rates up to 400 Khz.

ISO/IEC 14443 T=CL protocol.

The OM-SE050ARD flexible design makes it possible to access the SE050 interfaces by

just changing a few jumper settings.

It can be used in various ways for example via the Arduino interface compatible to any board featuring an Arduino compatible header, including many i.MX, LPC and Kinetis boards, or via a direct I2C connection.

This kit allows evaluation of the SE050 product family features and simplifies the development of secure IoT applications.