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SGX Sensortech

Get started quickly in gas sensor instrument design using pellistor and electrochemical gas sensors from SGX.

Simply attach the universal power supply, connect to a PC USB port and plug in an SGX pellistor or electrochemical gas sensor.

The SGX data logging and control software allows the performance of electrochemical and pellistor gas sensors to be assessed and makes it easy to capture performance data.

Users can experiment with different settings before designing their own instrument. Circuit diagram and parts list supplied.


 For use with SGX electrochemical gas sensors
 For use with SGX pellistor/thermal conductivity gas sensors: 
 Individual bead pairs  VQ500 series heads  VQ600 series heads 
 Simple control and set-up of sensors  USB interface to a Personal Computer (PC) 
 Free PC application software for easy control and data logging 
 Adjustable pellistor bridge voltage (1.6 V to 4.6 V) 

 Adjustable electrochemical bias voltage (-700mV to +350mV)
 16-bit Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) for sensor outputs
 Calibrate sensors with linear response and monitor gas concentration levels
 PCB mounted temperature sensor IC
 Four configurable alarm outputs
 Two configurable analog outputs (12-bit DAC)
 Four digital inputs
 Expansion header for additional applications
 JTAG header for user software upload
 Supplied with universal mains adapter
 Supplied with user manual on CD
 Gas flow hoods available separately