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RX65N Cloud Kit

Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit simplifies secure IoT endpoint device connections to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and makes it easy for embedded designers to get a fast start on their designs and connect to the AWS cloud.

The Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit is a cloud communication performance evaluation kit that uses the RX65N microcontroller and can connect via Wi-Fi to Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides an ideal evaluation environment for developers and supports the start of IoT device development by users.

The kit includes a Wi-Fi communication module, a temperature/humidity sensor, an optical sensor, a 3-axis accelerometer, a USB port for serial communications, and another USB port for debugging. The sensor and other data that is uploaded from the kit to AWS can be observed in the dashboard. The program can also be edited or debugged in Renesas' e2 studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), by connecting the kit to a PC.

The RX65N microcontroller used in this kit is the next-generation general-purpose MCU, with Human Machine Interface (HMI) and security features that are ideal for IoT Edge devices. The built-in dual-bank functionality and Trusted Secure IP features will allow you to establish secure cloud communications and conduct firmware updates, both easily and securely.

  • Allows for safe and secure connection to the AWS cloud
    • The combination of the Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit and Amazon FreeRTOS is Amazon FreeRTOS certified
  • Assists in IoT device prototyping
    • Editable and debuggable AWS Communications sample programs provided free of charge
    • Application notes available for understanding the behavior of the sample programs
  • Reduces actual product development man hours
    • The sample program is Amazon FreeRTOS-based; take advantage of the vast ecosystem of existing tools developed for the FreeRTOS kernel
    • The software library is already available within Amazon FreeRTOS which means you can easily program generally necessary IoT features into your devices


Two Types of Programs for Evaluating Cloud Communications

  • Basic AWS communications program
    • Sends a "Hello World" text message to the AWS cloud at regular intervals
    • Amazon FreeRTOS certified
    • Communicates wirelessly using Wi-Fi
  • Program for uploading sensor and other data to the AWS cloud, and for observing the information in the dashboard
    • Sends data from its three on-board sensors to the AWS cloud at regular intervals
    • Allows for observation of the sensor data in the dashboard