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Demonstration board for STDRIVE601 triple gate driver

The EVALSTDRIVE601 demonstration board is a complete 3-phase inverter which allows evaluating all of the STDRIVE601 features. The power stage features STGD6M65DF2 IGBTs, but can be populated with any IGBT or power MOSFET in DPAK or powerFLAT 8x8 HV package. The board is designed to support a three shunt or a single shunt current sensing topology.

A strip connector allows an easy interfacing with MCU control.

The STDRIVE601 is a 600V gate driver device manufactured with BCD6s offline technology. It is a single-chip with three half-bridge gate drivers for N-channel power MOSFETs or IGBTs suitable for 3-phase applications.The device integrates three bootstrap diodes and a smart shutdown feature able to detect very fast overcurrent condition, minimizing the propagation delay between the overcurrent event and the output switch-off.

  • High voltage rail up to 600V
  • Driver supply input voltage range 9V-20V
  • STGD6M65DF2 IGBTs power stage featuring:
    • V(BR)CES = 650 V
    • VCE(sat) = 1.55 V @ IC = 6 A
  • Dual footprint for IGBT/MOSFET package:
    • DPAK
    • PowerFlat 8x8
  • Selectable single or 3-shunt current sensing topology:
    • Sensored or sensorless BEMF detection
    • FOC or 6-Step algorithm
  • SmartShutdown overcurrent protection
  • Hall effect sensors connector
  • Bus voltage sensing
  • 450V bulk capacitor
  • Connector for interfacing with MCU
  • RoHS compliant