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AEKD-AFLPANEL1 Adaptive Front Lighting Kit

The AEKD-AFLPANEL1 is a panel assembly of the driving hardware for an adaptive front light testing system featuring ST AutoDevKit boards on a specially designed perspex board that facilitates development and prototyping activities.

The panel provides a tidy arrangement of two stepper motor control boards, a four-channel LED driver board, a control board with SPC5 Chorus microcontroller for automotive applications, a connector board with a FAN switch board and further connector board for wiring configuration.
Used in conjunction with the AEKD-AFLLIGHT1 demo automotive headlight assembly with LED lights, stepper motors and fan, these two kits provide a complete adaptive front lighting tool for application and solution development purposes.

  • Panel arrangement of boards forming an adaptive front light (AFL) system.
  • Panel size: 330 x 270 x 40 mm (approx.).
  • Designed for application development and testing, allowing rapid interchanging of function and control boards.
  • Several evaluation boards mounted on panel provide independent control of:
    • two stepper motors for light projection angle adjustment (X and Y directions)
    • LED string currents for high beam, low beam, daytime running lights (DRL) and direction lights
    • a cooling fan
  • All the above loads are included in the (AEKD-AFLLIGHT1) headlight assembly, available separately.
  • Kit supplied complete with cables and connectors.
  • Includes control board with SPC5 Chorus MCU to monitor entire system.
  • Dedicated STSW-AFL001 firmware running on MCU includes sample code modules covering typical AFL functionality.
  • Special connector board to easily link demo boards with MCU board.
  • WEEE and RoHS compliant.
  • All ST components are qualified Automotive grade.
  • Part of the AutoDevKit initiative.