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Evaluation board for the ADC120 8-channel, 50ksps to 1Msps, 12-bit analog to digital converter

The STEVAL-AKI001V1 evaluation board allows the user to evaluate the conversion performance of the ADC120 8-channel analog-to-digital converter designed for 50 ksps to 1 Msps conversion.

The board has several on-board sources like temperature sensor and strain gauge signals, and can accept external signals to allow measurement and evaluation of the ADC120 conversion performance based on its successive approximation register (SAR) with internal track-and-hold cell.
The board is supplied ready-to-use in standalone mode, or it can be plugged onto a NUCLEO-L476RG board with SMT32 microcontroller, which enables further signal processing and PC communication.

  • 12-bit ADC implementing SAR technology
  • 50 ksps to 1 Msps conversion rate
  • 8-to-1-channel input MUX
  • 3.3 V operating supply
  • SPI, serial digital output
  • Very low power consumption
  • RoHS compliant