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High voltage input aux power supply eval board

The BD7682FJ-LB is a quasi-resonant controller-type DC/DC converter optimized for products equipped with an electrical outlet. Quasi-resonant operation enables soft switching and helps to keep EMI low, while utilizing an external switching MOSFET and current detection resistor provides greater design flexibility. 

The AUX board is able to operate with both AC and DC input voltages. It is therefore possible to derive the power directly from the grid or from the system DC link, e.g. after the PFC stage. In case of AC input, the accepted input voltage range goes from 210 VAC to 480 VAC. In case of DC input, the input range goes from 300 VDC to 900 VDC. This board version “301” mounts screw connections to facilitate the cabling to 3phase input or Vdc input. It is possible to remove the connectors and use vertical mounting connectors as an example of module board for Aux power supply in a power system