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Temperature probe kit based on STTS22H

The STEVAL-MKI200V1K evaluation kit consists of a probe with the STTS22H temperature sensor connected via flat cable to the STEVAL-MKIGIBV1 adapter board, so it can interface with the STEVAL-MKI109V3 motherboard.

The small package dimensions of the device allow it to be mounted at the end of a very thin probe, so its temperature readings are not influenced by heat from other electronic components or boards.
The STEVAL-MKIGIBV1 can be plugged into a standard DIL24 socket.

The kit provides the complete STTS22H pinout and comes ready-to-use with the required decoupling capacitors on the VDD power supply line.

The STEVAL-MKI109V3 motherboard features a high performance 32-bit microcontroller functioning as a bridge between the sensor and a PC running the free Unico GUI graphical user interface or dedicated software routines for customized applications.

  • User friendly STTS22H board
  • Complete STTS22H pinout for a standard DIL 24 socket
  • Fully compatible with and STEVAL-MKI109V3 motherboards
  • RoHS compliant
  • WEEE compliant