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Development Kit for MLX91220 and MLX91221

The DVK91220 variants provide all the needed components to evaluate the performances and the functionalities of MLX91220 and MLX91221 integrated current sensors.


DVK variants available for SOIC8 or SOIC16 package versions

  • DVK provided with an extra PCB to connect any other variant

  • Isolated current measurement demo factory calibrated for 50A

  • PCB design adapted to high current measurements

  • High common mode field rejection through differential sensing

  • Ground Layer and Decoupling capacitors for high EMC performances

  • Interface:

    • primary side: M3 holes for screw-on connection of cables

    • secondary side: pin header

  • High speed analog output and RC filtered (on PCB) analog output

  • MLX91220 operating at 5V, MX91221 operating at 3.3 V

  • MLX91220/21 Certifications

    • Rated voltage isolation as per IEC/UL 62368-1:2014

      • 2.4 kV RMS for SOIC-8

      • 4.8 kV RMS for SOIC-16

    • AEC-Q100 automotive qualified