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14 mm x 14 mm double layer antenna reference board for the ST25DV04K Dual Interface EEPROM

The ANT7-T-ST25DV04K antenna reference board is a ready-to-use PCB that features an ST25DV04K dual interface EEPROM connected to a 14 mm x 14 mm, 13.56 MHz etched RF double layer antenna on one side, and to an I2C bus on the other side.

This demonstration board allows system designers to evaluate the ST25DV04K performance and capabilities, and to get started with their design.

To demonstrate the energy harvesting function the ANT7-T-ST25DV04K can be used in conjunction with the ST DEMO-CR95HF-A board.

If externally powered, supply has to be safety extra-low voltage (SELV) according to EN60950-1 (< 5 V, < 15 W). The power supply shall be classified ES1 (electrical energy source class 1), PS1 (electrical power source class 1) according to EN62368-1.


Ready to use printed circuit board including:

  • ST25DV04K dual interface EEPROM
  • 14 mm x 14 mm, 13.56 MHz dual layer etched antenna
  • I2C test points
  • RF event configurable general purpose output (GPO)
  • Analog energy harvesting (EH) output