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CrossLink™, ECP5™ and SiI1136 Integrated Embedded Vision Development Kit

Modular Video Interface Platform (VIP) for embedded vision – Ultimate software and hardware prototyping environment for embedded system designers.

Flexible interface connectivity - Ability to mix and match input and output boards to interface with a variety of image sensors and displays.

Energy efficient image pre-processing and acceleration – Perfectly suited for Industry 4.0 machine vision, surround view cameras in smart automotive application, drones, smart city, retail applications, medical applications and augmented reality.

  • All-inclusive development kit with on-board video sources
  • CrossLink VIP Input Bridge Board with two Sony IMX 214 high-speed MIPI D-PHY interface camera sensors
  • CrossLink-NX VIP Input Bridge Board with 4 Sony IMX258 high-speed MIPI D-Phy interface camera sensors
  • On Semiconductor AR0234CS Image Sensor Board
  • Sony IMX464 Image Sensor Board
  • Sony IMX568 Image Sensor Board
  • Standard image sensor connector for easy sensor exchange
  • ECP5 VIP Processor Board with ECP5-85 FPGA for optimized image signal processing
  • HDMI VIP Output Bridge Board for seamless connection to HD displays
  • On-board USB programming interface eliminates the need for external programming hardware
  • Includes dual MIPI CSI-2 to 1080p HDMI demo