FTM Board Club
CCM Buck 75 W LED Driver Evaluation Board

The NCL35076 is a DC-DC buck controller for wide dimming range down to 1% by analog dimming control to relieve audible noise and flicker in PWM dimming. onsemi's proprietary LED current calculation technique driven by zero input offset amplifiers performs precise constant current in the whole analog dimming range. Multi-mode operation provides low LED current ripple with small output capacitor by CCM at heavy load and deep analog dimming by DCM at light load.

  • Zero input offset Amplifiers at LED current calculator block and OTA
  • Precise CC regulation: <2% at full load, <20% at 1% load
  • CCM to DCM transition by dimming condition
  • Wide Analog Dimming Range; 1~100%
  • PWM Dimming by PWM signal
  • Keep Constant LED color temperature
  • Standby mode operation
  • Low standby power consumption
  • Various Protections; Auto Restart (AR)
    - VDD Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
    - Short LED Protection (SLP)
    - Over Current Protection (OCP)
    - Thermal Shut Down (TSD)
  • High system reliability
  • CCM operation at full load
  • High efficiency and low profile design