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Evaluation board for 1ED3491Mx12M - 2300 V, 9 A, single-channel flexible isolated gate driver with active Miller clamp, adjustable DESAT and Soft-off

The EVAL-1ED3491MX12M is in half-bridge configuration with two gate driver ICs (1ED3491MU12M) to drive power switches such as Si MOSFETs,áIGBTsáandáSiC MOSFETs. The switch type can be freely chosen. The board has a size of 85 x 55 x 15 mm without any power switch assembled. TRENCHSTOP™áIGBT IKW40N120H3áor CoolSiC™ MOSFET IMW120R030M1Háis recommended. This board is best suited for double pulse testing and evaluation. The low voltage supply interface can be controlled by a pulse generator, a microcontroller or any other suitable digital circuit. The evaluation board has a power supply for the primary and secondary sides implemented.

  • Galvanically isolated power supply for both secondary sides
  • Resistors marking for the adjustable functions of each gate drive
  • Flexible EiceDRIVER™ Enhanced single channel isolated gate driver 1ED34xx family (X3 analog family)
  • ▒9 A typical sinking and sourcing peak output current
  • 40 V absolute maximum output supply voltage
  • Separate source and sink outputs
  • Active Miller clamp (clamp driver for external MOSFET)
  • Precise VCEsat detection (DESAT) with fault output
  • IGBT soft turn-off after desaturation detection
  • Parameter adjustment from input side with external resistor:
  • Adjustable DESAT filter time with ADJB pin
  • Adjustable soft-off current level with ADJA pin
  • FLT and RDY status signaling to ÁController
  • 11 V/12 V undervoltage lockout (UVLO) protection with hysteresis