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EK-RA6M5 Evaluation Kit for RA6M5 MCU Group

The EK-RA6M5 evaluation kit enables users to effortlessly evaluate the features of the RA6M5 MCU Group and develop embedded systems applications using the Flexible Software Package (FSP) and e2 studio IDE. 

Utilize rich on-board features along with your choice of popular ecosystem add-ons to bring your big ideas to life.

  • Ecosystem & System Control Access
    • USB Full Speed host and device
    • Multiple 5V input sources
      • USB (Debug, High Speed, Full Speed)
      • External power supply
    • Debug modes
      • Debug on-board (SWD)
      • Debug In (ETM, SWD & JTAG)
      • Debug Out (SWD)
    • User LEDs and buttons
      • Three user LEDs (red, blue, green)
      • Power LED (white) indicating availability of regulated power
      • Debug LED (yellow) indicating the debug connection
      • Two user buttons
      • One reset button
    • Five most popular ecosystem expansions
      • MikroElektronikaTM mikroBUS connector
      • SparkFun® Qwiic® connector
      • Two SeeedGrove® system (I2C and Analog) connectors
      • Two Digilent PmodTM (SPI and UART) connectors
      • ArduinoTM (Uno R3) connector
    • MCU boot configuration jumper