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Strata Enabled FUSB3307 Single Port USB PD with PPS Board

The Strata enabled FUSB3307 USB Power Delivery 3.0 adaptive source charging controller board offers an easy to use User Interface (UI) within the Strata Developer Studio. Through the Strata UI, the developer can control the part's features as well as access the most up to date datasheets, BOMs, schematics and other collateral

The Strata Developer Studio is a cloud-connected development software to provide a seamless, personalized and secure environment for engineers to evaluate, test, and design with onsemi technologies with the numerous released and upcoming Strata enabled evaluation boards, evaluation kits, and reference designs in various applications within Automotive, Industrial, Cloud Power and IoT solutions.

  • PD 3.0 v1.2 and Type-C r1.4 Compliant
  • Constant Voltage (CV) and Constant Current Limit (CL) Regulation
  • Small Current Sensing Resistor (5 mΩ) for High Efficiency
  • Gate Driver for N-Channel MOSFET as a Load Switch
  • CC1/CC2 Pin Protection up to 26 V
  • Built-in Cable-Drop Compensation
  • Selectable Resistor Divider or Battery Charging (BC1.2) Modes
  • Built-in Output Capacitor Bleeding Function for Fast Discharge
  • Adaptive UVP, Adaptive OVP, OTP and VBUS Fault Detection