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NCP1342 60 W USB PD Evaluation Board

The NCP1342PD65WGEVB showcases the NCP1342 Quasi-Resonant Flyback Controller in a USB Power Delivery (PD) application.


The evaluation board delivers 60 W of power using a compact RM8 transformer. The NCP1342 is suitable for designing high-performance off-line power converters and USB PD adapters, and features Rapid Frequency Foldback (RFF) for improved efficiency over the load range. An integrated active X2 capacitor discharge feature eliminates discharge resistors which enables no-load power consumption below 40 mW


• Integrated High−Voltage Startup Circuit with Brownout Detection

• Integrated X2 Capacitor Discharge Capability

• Wide VCC Range from 9 V to 28 V

• 28 V VCC Overvoltage Protection

• Abnormal Overcurrent Fault Protection for Winding Short Circuit or Saturation Detection

• Internal Temperature Shutdown

• Valley Switching Operation with Valley−Lockout for Noise−Free Operation

• Frequency Foldback with 25 kHz Minimum Frequency Clamp for Increased Efficiency at Light Loads

• Rapid Frequency Foldback for Fast Reduction of Switching Frequency at Light Loads

• Skip Mode with Quiet−Skip Technology for Highest Performance During Light Loads

• Minimized Current Consumption for No Load Power Below 30 mW

• Frequency Jittering for Reduced EMI Signature

• Latching or Auto−Recovery Timer−Based Overload Protection

• Adjustable Overpower Protection (OPP)  

• Fault Pin for Severe Fault Conditions, NTC Compatible for OTP

• 4 ms Soft−Start Timer