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NCP12700 45 W PoE Compatible USB PD Evaluation Board

The NCP12700POE45WUSBPDGEVB is a 45 W USB PD compatible, Power over Ethernet input voltage range compatible, constant voltage power supply.

When this demonstration board is used in conjunction with the NCP1096GEVB IEEE 802.3bt compliant demonstration board, use with Power over Ethernet to USBPD applications within smart building designs can be achieved. This featured power supply is a Fixed Frequency Flyback design utilizing onsemi’s NCP12700C PWM controller, the NCP4306 synchronous rectifier controller, FDMS86255 primary side MOSFET, and an FDMS86202 synchronous MOSFET, and the FUSB3307 USB PD controller.


Features of the NCP12700:

• Wide Input Range (9 – 120/200 V; MSOP10/WQFN10)

• Startup Regulator Circuit with 15 mA Capability

• Current Mode Control with Integrated Slope Compensation

• Suitable for Flyback or Forward Converters

• Single Resistor Programmable Oscillator

• 1 A / 2.8 A Source / Sink Gate Driver

• User Adjustable Soft−Start Ramp

• Input Voltage UVLO with Hysteresis

• Shutdown Threshold for External Disable

• Skip Cycle Mode for Low Standby Power

• This is a Pb−Free Device