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Development kit for magnetic sensors

This magnetic development kit (DVK magnetic) provides an easy way to connect the Melexis evaluation boards (not included) to various magnetic pieces like a knob.

Additionally, the interface provides pin-outs to add an external LCD and Arduino or Mbed development board

The magnetic development kit (DVK magnetic) includes the following pieces:

  • PCB with headers for connecting a Melexis EVB and an Arduino/Mbed and LCD
  • 1 rotary knob with push with a 2-pole magnet
  • 1 rotary knob with a 4-pole magnet
  • 1 linear slider
  • 1 ball and socket joystick with push
  • 1 off-axis magnet holder


  • Included magnetic pieces for easy evaluation of magnetic motions (rotary, linear, joystick)

  • Included pin headers to easily interface a variety of microcontroller development kits using the Arduino standard