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DVK for Sterling-LWB5+ (SMT version)

Laird Connectivity’s customers across multiple industries have a diverse set of requirements and specific needs. They asked for a truly robust industrial IoT module: one that’s rugged, small, simplifies their BOM, is globally certified, has reliable connectivity, and easy to integrate.

Laird Connectivity’s new Sterling-LWB5+ answers that call for next-gen wireless IoT. Powered by Infineon’s CYW4373E silicon, the Sterling-LWB5+ is purpose-built for IIoT connectivity through a secure, reliable, and robust feature set. It’s IoT from the start: fully certified, easy to integrate, and is the fastest route to the market for IoT.

  • Purpose Built:  Made with manufacturability in mind, and pre-certified to cut down barriers to entry.  
  • Compatible: Our Linux Backports package supports many Linux kernels.
  • Reliable:  Integrated PA (Power Amplifier) and LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) with antenna diversity for reliable connectivity in harsh RF environments.
  • Robust:  Rich feature-set including 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Dual-Mode Bluetooth Low Energy. Reliable in industrial temperature range, and solder-down module is suitable for industrial vibration and impact demands.
  • Secure:  Supports the latest WPA3 security standards.