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GaN E-HEMT 650V/30A, 50mΩ with RAA226110 Gate Driver, 0V Turn-off Voltage Evaluation Board

This evaluation kit consists of two GaN Systems 650V GaN Enhancement-mode HEMTs (E-HEMTs) and all necessary circuits including half-bridge gate drivers, isolated power supplies and optional heatsink to form a functional half-bridge power stage.

It allows users to easily evaluate the GaN E-HEMT performance in any half-bridge-based topology, either with the universal motherboard (P/N: GS665MB-EVB) or users’ own system design. The RTK226110DE0010BU board provides a 0V turn-off voltage solution. The 0V turn-off solution is normally used in low power applications and is easy to implement, as there is no need for a negative power supply rail.

  • Serves as a reference design and evaluation tool as well as a deployment-ready solution for easy in-system evaluation.
  • Vertical mount style with a height of 35mm, which fits in the majority of 1U designs and allows for the evaluation of a GaN E-HEMT in a traditional through-hole type power supply board.
  • Current shunt position for switching characterization testing.
  • Universal form factor and footprint for all products.
  • 0V turn-off voltage.