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GaN E-HEMT 650V/60A, 25mΩ with RAA226110 Gate Driver, -3V Turn-off Voltage Evaluation Board

This evaluation kit consists of two GaN Systems 650V GaN Enhancement-mode HEMTs (E-HEMTs) and all necessary circuits including half-bridge gate drivers, isolated power supplies and optional heatsink to form a functional half-bridge power stage.

It allows users to easily evaluate the GaN E-HEMT performance in any half-bridge-based topology, either with the universal motherboard (P/N: GS665MB-EVB) or the users’ own system design. The RTKA226110DE0040BU board provides a -3V turn-off voltage solution which is normally used in high-power and high-reliability applications. The negative drive voltage is useful to ensure the GaN FETs remain at turn-off status when desired, to stay away from the impact of any possible ground noise and disturbance from the system and environment. For lower power applications, please refer to RTKA226110DE0010BU with 0V turn-off voltage.

  • Serves as a reference design and evaluation tool as well as deployment-ready solution for easy in-system evaluation.
  • Vertical mount style with a height of 35mm, which fits in the majority of 1U designs and allows for the evaluation of GaN E-HEMT in traditional through-hole type power supply boards.
  • Current shunt position for switching characterization testing.
  • Universal form factor and footprint for all products.