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VD6283 Nucleo pack with X-NUCLEO-6283A1 expansion board and STM32-F401RE Nucleo board

The P-NUCLEO-6283A1 is a complete evaluation kit allowing anyone to learn, evaluate and develop their application using the VD6283, a color sensor with advanced light flicker frequency extraction.

The VD6283 (1.83 x 1.0 x 0.55 mm) is the smallest 6-channel, ambient light sensor (ALS) on the market. Light measurement is fast and accurate thanks to an individual ADC and readout circuitry for each color channel (Red, Green, Blue, IR, Clear and Visible). The VD6283 uses hybrid color filters with precise responses allowing accurate computation of the correlated color temperature (CCT) and Lux information. The VD6283 can be used for display brightness management or scene light correction. Additionally, the VD6283 can extract light flickering frequencies from 100 Hz to 2 kHz, including LED square signals.
The STM32 Nucleo board, NUCLEO-F401RE, provides an affordable and flexible way for users to try out new ideas and build prototypes with any STM32 microcontroller, choosing from the various combinations of performance, power consumption, and features.

  • VD6283 6-channel ambient light sensor (ALS) with advanced light flicker extraction expansion board (X-NUCLEO-6283A1)
  • STM32F401RE Nucleo board
  • Equipped with Arduino® UNO R3 connector
  • RoHS compliant
  • Full system software (SW) supplied, including code examples and graphical user interface. All this can be downloaded from the VD6283 product page on www.st.com