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USB Type-C Power Delivery DRP and DRD expansion board based on TCPP03-M20 for STM32 Nucleo

The X-NUCLEO-DRP1M1 expansion board allows evaluating the features of TCPP03-M20 and the USB Type-C™ features and protections required for VBUSand CC lines suitable for dual role power (DRP) applications.

Alternatively, request theX-NUCLEO-SNK1M1 USB Type-C Power Delivery Sink expansion board based on TCPP01-M12 for STM32 Nucleo

The expansion board can be stacked on top of any STM32 Nucleo-64 with Power Delivery (UCPD) peripheral embedded in their microcontrollers.

The X-NUCLEO-DRP1M1 effectively demonstrates the dead battery and Sink operation, thanks to the integrated ST715PU33R LDO linear regulator that supplies the connected STM32 Nucleo development board. It also demonstrates USB Type-C Source operation when a compatible external Source is connected to the board.

Moreover, the expansion board allows Dual Role Data functionalities for sourcing devices.

The X-NUCLEO-DRP1M1 is compliant with the USB Type-C and Power Delivery specifications 3.1 standard power range (SPR) and is USB-IF certified as a 100 W DRP solution supporting programmable power supply (PPS).

The companion software package (X-CUBE-TCPP) contains the application examples for development boards embedding UCPD-based microcontrollers (NUCLEO-G071RB, NUCLEO-G474RE and NUCLEO-G0B1RE).

  • Support for all USB Type-C Power Delivery SPR profiles up to 100 W
  • Management of Dual Role Data/Power configuration
  • USB 2.0 Dual Role Data compliant according to STM32 USB data capability
  • 8/20 μs surge, overvoltage, overcurrent protection and discharge for VBUS
  • Short to VBUSprotection for CC1 and CC2 configuration channel pins
  • ESD protection (IEC61000-4-2 level 4 8 kV contact discharge) for CC1, CC2, D+ and D-
  • Overvoltage, overcurrent protection and discharge for VCONN
  • Common mode filter on D+/D- data lines
  • Three power modes to optimize current consumption
  • Compliant with Programmable Power Supplies (PPS)
  • Free comprehensive development firmware library
  • Compliant with STM32 Nucleo-64 boards featuring an STM32 with UCPD